Porous media flows inside a teabag

This is a popular science article connected to our paper on the intermittent dynamics of slow drainage experiments. Here's a fun kitchen demo: put a wet teabag in contact with a napkin and watch closely. You will see that air pockets will start to suddenly invade the porous space formed by the voids between the tea leaves. This intermittent invasion process is indeed quite general in slow drainage flows in porous media.

TV interview (05/2020)

I have shown a little bit of our research activity at PoreLab in this TV interview, as part of a special program to celebrate the anniversary of my hometown Caruaru (Brazil). I have shown a video of the Flying Chain experiment and mentioned how the problem of air flow through facemasks is connected to our porous media activity.

Newspaper article about the 2019 oil spill in Brazil

I published an article (part I and part II) entitled "How to clean a beach" about the clean-up operation of the Brazilian beaches affected by the 2019 oil spill. More details can be found here. Image credits: Reuters.

Flying chain video

A remarkable self-sustained arch is formed when a long chain of metallic beads is dropped from a container. In the background we see the Physics Department of the University of Oslo.

Radio interview (10/2019)

I was invited by “Radio Cultura do Nordeste” (Brazil) for a special program about the 2019 oil spill that affected more than 2000km of the Brazilian coast. I addressed the issue of how scientific knowledge derived from previous environmental disasters can help in defining a plan of action.

The flying chain strikes again

A popular science article was published about our research on the flying chain. This effect came to our attention after a viral video posted on YouTube by science communicator Steve Mould. Good fun!

Radio interview (06/2018)

Radio interview at “Radio Cultura do Nordeste” (Brazil) about energy, technology and environmental challenges in Brazil and Norway and the importance of basic science in this context

30 year old prediction on the motion of fluids is verified

Here's a popular science article about our paper published in PRL in which we have experimentally measured o the pair correlation function in a slow drainage flow.

Radio interview (09/2015)

Radio interview at “Radio Cultura do Nordeste” (Brazil) about the current panorama of science and education in Brazil and the future challenges (audio available in portuguese here).